To the woman who will marry my son…

On September 23, 2018, a beautiful baby boy was placed on my chest and I thought I could never love something anymore than I did at that moment. Two weeks have flown by since that day and somehow with each day my love for that little boy has grown with every passing second. It’s hard to imagine that one day he will outgrow the safety of my arms and venture into the world on his own, but I know that day will one day come. I pray for him every day- I pray for the man he will become, the choices he will make, and the woman he will choose to spend the rest of his life with.

I will raise this little boy to open doors, pull out chairs, be patient, honest, kind, and a good friend. But most importantly, I will raise him to fear the Lord and to lead his family in their walk with Christ. My prayer for you is that you will love him as I do- in a way that strengthens with every day that passes.

I pray you two will have a love that has God at the center of it. I pray your love is an example of 1 Corinthians 13. I pray he is everything you ever hoped to find in a husband and that you protect your marriage with every fiber of your being. I pray that even when times get tough, you both know the love you share is the greatest love you will ever experience on this side of Heaven.

I promise to do my best to step aside and allow you to take the role of his “number one” but please, be patient- as I can only imagine how hard that day will be. This little boy is my whole world. The way he smiles in his sleep, cuddles into my shoulder, and stares up at me with his big blue eyes are the moments I now live for.

Please take care of my boy, love him like you’ve never thought possible, fight for him everyday, be his best friend, laugh with him, hold him when he cries, and most importantly seek God with him, always. Because one day, I won’t be here to do all those things and I trust he will choose the exact person God created for him to become his wife.

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